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10 Free Apps to Organize Your Life

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It’s a new year, and everyone is making their New Year’s resolutions in hopes that we can stick to them. But let’s be honest a year is a long time, and we will probably fail at each and every one of them. Don’t be discouraged, however, because the important thing is that we get back up and try again.

Today is the day to make a change. New years is a time for a fresh start. Most of us have eaten more than we should and have gotten out of our routines. But it’s time to get back to life.

To help you start the year off right I wanted to begin this year by giving you a list of apps that I use to my advantage almost every day. If you are like me, your phone goes most everywhere with you throughout the day and is one of our most underutilized tools. Sure it is great to scroll through Facebook or Instagram but can be so much more.

So, I wanted to help you get more from your phone and give you a base to start using apps to do your day well.

The apps that are listed below are available on both ios and android devices and are instrumental in helping me to keep to the goals I have set out for the new year.



There are many Bible apps out there, but this one is my favorite. It has just about any version you would ever want to read from along with customized reading plans, devotionals, and an audio bible. You can also add an accountability partner to help keep you on track for your yearly Bible reading plan. And as a bonus they have a pretty cool kids version as well.


On those days where quiet time is hard to come by I use music to minister to my soul and center my thoughts on God. Pandora allows you to create a personalized station based on genre, artist, or song and it does the work from there by playing the same sort of music for you.


Water Drink Reminder

I love this app. I talk more about it in my podcast on being a healthy mom. Water is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and this simple app keeps you hydrated throughout the day. It lets you log your water consumption and sets reminders to alert you when you are off on your water consumption goal. The app bases the water goal off of your weight, so it also doubles as a weight log as well.

My Calender

This app is perfect for tracking your period and ovulation. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or not quite ready, this helps you keep track of your cycles. You can set up reminders as well of when those blessed womanly events happen.

Another added benefit is being able to take notes and track moods. For those of us who battle hormonal shifts, it can be helpful to see the trends that happen month to month to see just where you are on your cycle.

In addition, this app can also track your weight if you’d like.

My Fitness Pal

If you like me struggle with the battle of food and exercise this app is perfect for doing a food diary, weight tracking, and workouts.

Often just putting down on virtual paper what you eat can be helpful to make changes and see where all of your calories are coming and going. This app has a huge database of preloaded food at favorite restaurants and grocery stores so you can see the nutritional breakdown of what you are eating. You can also create your recipes, and it will calculate nutritional content for you.

Did I mention it’s free!?



Mint is my got to finance app. I have used mint for years to help keep on track of our budget, bills, and investments. The best part is that this service is free. Link to all of your financial accounts to get an updated view of where you stand at any given time. It is cloud based so you can access it from anywhere and the corresponding mobile app you can use to keep a pulse on finances while on the go.


As a mother to a large family scheduling can be a nightmare. Cozi is one of the leading family organizational apps out there. It links between all of your family members to keep track of everyone’s schedule and activities, tracks grocery lists and manages to do lists.

Each family member is designated a color on the master schedule so it’s perfect for mom to see at any given time what the family should be doing. This app is great to keep a family with older children who all of their own devices connected, but I also use it for me to keep my little kids on track for the day. I can make a schedule for the day before hand and Cozi will alert me to what my is next for the little guys. Cozi also allows you to sync with other leading calendars if you aren’t ready to make the switch.

If you aren’t ready for the all inclusive apps here are a few of my favorite piecemeal apps.

Google Calender

Google calendar is a great tool to sync schedules between family members. It also allows you to have multiple color-coded calendars with the ability to look at as many as you choose at the same time.


All things list app. You can invite people to see, add to and complete things on your to-do lists. You can set notifications and emails to that get sent to you as reminders. Wunderlist is web based so you can view from any computer or web browser. The ding when you get it is almost as rewarding as crossing off the paper todo lists.

Food Planner

The last but not least app is an excellent meal planning/shopping list app. Meal planning has become a lifesaver in my homemaking journey.

Witching hour is a hard time for any mom, and not having a dinner plan can compound that stress. This app allows you to preplan a weekly meal schedule that is saved week to week. You can save recipes, create shopping lists, and manage your inventory.

It has a barcode feature that will allow you to get the exact item you are running out of or search to see the price of what something is. It will also give you an estimated total of what your groceries will cost based off of your shopping list. How cool is that?

Mom, it is hard to believe how far technology has come in such a short period, let it be your friend. Use it to help you take on another year and be the best mom you can be.

I hope this list is a springboard for finding some apps that will make your life a little bit more organized and efficient.

Here is to a great 2017!

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