Graduating a Graduate

Launching the Proverbial Arrow

Bow and Arrow Quiver

My son is graduating high school this week, and I have mixed emotions. I am so proud of the man that he has become and excited to watch the next chapter of his life unfold. But deep down I miss my little boy. I can’t believe that we are here already.

It seems only yesterday we were struggling over 5th-grade math problems. I can remember many days that I thought we weren’t going to make it through. From the many things I have learned in our first go around of homeschool here are just a few.

I didn’t always make the right choices. However, that one year that we gave up on math instead of sacrificing our relationship was a great decision. The Lord filled in the gaps that next year and can you believe he was reading math textbooks for leisure. Not to say giving up is always the answer, but not sacrificing your relationship is.

The second thing I learned was what I just said; the Lord does fill in the gaps if our focus is on the right things. When we are listening to His voice and doing the “school” that He tells us to do, all is well. I’m so grateful for this perspective moving forward in my homeschooling and mothering journey. I don’t have to hold to anyone else’s standard, and that is so freeing.

And finally, the sacrifice is worth it. We’ve had a bumpy couple of years with this boy, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I couldn’t have said that just a few short months ago. We recently had the privilege of watching our son walk in obedience to the Lord and observe the sacrament of baptism. I can’t even tell you the joy that we as parents felt watching the transformation in his life that the Lord has made.

Kids. In the little years, I know they are exhausting, in the middle years they can be frustrating, in the teen years they can be both exhausting and frustrating. But what we as moms do in the day in and day out of life does matter.

Recently on Mother’s Day, I woke up to the sweetest of cards from my oldest son. And it was again another confirmation from the Lord, that it has all been worth it. All of those years the I poured myself in thinking it went completely unnoticed that one card made all the difference.

In just a few short days we will be celebrating that next milestone. We will be launching our first arrow into the world. Although I realize I’m not turning in my parenting card completely, it feels like a huge milestone.

I’m so humbled and thankful that the Lord saw fit to let me be Zion’s mom. I am so grateful for the love that he has given me for a son that I did not birth.

But most of all I’m thankful for God’s hand in our lives through this whole journey so far, and with a somewhat heavy yet excited heart, I’m looking forward to what the Lord does in the life of my precious son.

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