Combating the Holiday Rut

Homeschooling Through the Holidays

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Well, Mom, it’s that time a year again. If you are a homeschooling mom you know, the struggle is real. The gap between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can be a difficult time to stay on track. With so many things going on the motivation to keep schooling can just wane.

Of course, the kids aren’t going to complain at all that they have the month or even two off. After more years than I’d like to admit having this happen, I have come up with some ideas to keep accomplishing work throughout the holiday season.

So, mom, I present,

Homeschooling Holiday Helps

Prepare For It

Get out your calendar and figure out what days are ok to “take off.” Expecting that you will have days that school will just not happen will help relieve the guilt and burden you feel of getting behind. Make provision to get yourself back on track or prepare yourself to bleed over into summer.

Unit Study or Lapbooks

There are many subjects between Thanksgiving and Christmas on which you can do unit studies (think pilgrims or St. Nicolas). It’s a change of pace and can be fun for the creative types.

You could also let the kids choose a non-holiday subject to study. Utilize the library and let them explore topics that maybe aren’t in line with the curriculum but is of interest to them. This helps them stay interested in learning through the holidays.

Build Memories

Give yourself permission to be together. You will never regret that you took the time to step back and enjoy special moments with your kids during the holidays. Bake cookies together while listening to some great music. Take some day trips to festive places or early evening drives to check out Christmas lights.

Creating a stronger bond between family is something that will last a lifetime.

Heart Work is Important

One way to cultivate a thankful heart is by serving others. Christmas especially tends to get overshadowed by a lot “I want” sort of thinking. Serving others is a testimony of Christ, a blessing to others, as well as a way for our kids to gain perspective on the world.

A friend of ours makes gospel baskets every year to hand out to her neighbors. They usually have baked goods with some holiday-related tracts and an invitation to the local church. It is great to let our kids share their faith by loving others.

There are plenty of shelters as well that fill up in these colder months and are always looking for some extra hands. Think about volunteering to help with a meal or distribute some hot beverages on a cold evening.

Modify Academics

Especially with my younger kids we just focus on reading and math during the holiday seasons and take a break from everything else. We do this so we can concentrate on some of the items I listed above. Of course, this is not always feasible for our older students. But look for ways to relieve the stress of keeping a tight schedule.

Pray for Perseverance

Let’s face it some of the problems are just our problems as moms. We aren’t motivated. We should be praying that the Lord would show us what is most important to stay on track with your school year. Pray that He would give you the desire and strength to pull through even when it’s tough to get back in the groove.

That is my prayer. I pray that these upcoming holidays would a great blessing to you and your family. Weary mama, take the time to relax and breathe. Enjoy these precious times because before you know it they will be grown up with their own little ones.

When they are we will want them to remember that we focused on the most important things.

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