Treating a Child Suffering From Eczema

Our Journey of Healing

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Our journey with eczema started shortly after our third child, Onesimus, was born. We first noticed it on his cheek. It then started to spread to his jaw, and behind his ear. Even though he was young, he quickly figured out how to scratch open the wounds. His face would seep and bleed it was awful. The worst part was I felt powerless to do anything about it.

During Onie’s, that’s his nickname, infant stage; I tried every ointment, cream, lotion, and medicine that my friends recommended. Around the age of one his legs broke out from knee to feet. This breakout was much worse and I could not get rid of it. My poor little guy was miserable. Eczema is known as “the itch that rashes” the more you scratch, the itchier it becomes and it gets pretty hard to manage. Each night I would sit in his bed and rub his bandaged up legs.

As a family, we usually try to deal with issues naturally. However, I couldn’t watch my son suffer any longer. I finally gave in after he showed signs of seasonal allergies. My thinking I’d see an allergist once and for all. While having him tested the allergist told me that there would never be a cure for his eczema, and his skin would always be dry. That we should start steroids. We could also send him to Children’s Hospital to go on psychotropic drugs and undergo therapy to teach him not to itch, but there was no hope. I left that office vowing never to return.

There had to be a reason for why my son’s body was reacting the way it was. I knew treating the symptoms was not going to help fix this problem. I did what any mother would do; I consulted with Google to see what I could find out. Shortly after starting my research I became completely overwhelmed with information. Everyone was selling “the” product that would heal eczema. I didn’t doubt that some of them probably did work, but I was skeptical. I decided to look at fellow mothers, real people that had tried things that seemed to make sense and saw results, you know Science.

I am now convinced that all of my son’s issues came from his liver, immune system and gut. His liver was not functioning correctly. Therefore, he was ridding toxins from his body through his skin. If your liver does not work properly, usually you have a weakened immune system and problems with your intestinal tract. When we put creams on his eczema, we were causing more harm than good, because we were trapping the toxins inside the body that needed to get out. There are a few things that you can take in emergency situations to relieve the itch but if at all possible refrain from all of the creams. I am glad to report that within a few short days we saw improvement and within a month or two, we had no more eczema. I can’t tell you the relief.

For you mothers who are dealing with similar issues in your child, the following are the treatments that worked best for my little guy.

  • Vitamin D. Onie always had incredibly dry skin from head to toe. When I took him to the allergist, he couldn’t believe how dry his skin was. After doing some research, I found that vitamin D plays a crucial role in our everyday life, and most Americans are deficient in some way. Vitamin D does wonders for your skin as well as other parts of the body.After putting him on Vitamin D in an oil form within two days, his skin was as soft as a baby’s. It was amazing. If we miss a dose for more than a day, you can tell a big difference. He started to get really dry patches on his back and I was afraid they were going to break open. After two days of the vitamin D, they were gone. Amazing stuff! Here is a great article on the benefits on Vitamin D. Just a note if you take vitamin D it’s best to take it as an oil or spray apparently that is the best way for your body to absorb it.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar. ACV is wondrous! We put Onie in a bath with one cup of ACV almost every night, and the relief from the itching was immediate. ACV is great at both detoxing your system as well as for your skin. It has done wonders for him. It is also great to drink a little each day to help maintain consistent blood sugar. Which then, in turn, can help with weight loss.  For more about ACV I recommend Be Your Own Doctor its a great book! Everything I have tried in this book has worked. Note: When buying ACV it’s best to get a version with the “mother” in it. That’s the purest form which gives the most health benefits. I recommend Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Organic Milk Thistle. The source of your Milk Thistle is really important. It’s best to be in a liquid form and for sure organic. Milk Thistle helps purify the blood in your liver. Here is a great article for more information on the benefits of milk thistle as well as other eczema treatments.
  • Liver Cleanse Tincture. As you can see from the images during this journey I made my very first tincture! I felt like an absolute homeschooling mom! Here is where I purchased the tincture we used for Onesimus, but feel free to shop around. This tincture is filled with some great herbs to help restore and rebuild the liver. The great part was that Onie was excited about it and he didn’t even mind the taste. Well kinda didn’t mind the taste.

While I am not a doctor, just a mother who felt the need to help her son, I have found that too often the medical model wants to treat the symptoms, not the cause. Of course, there are times to seek a physician, my husband’s broken leg will attest to that. Many times though we’re looking for the quick relief at the expense of long-term prevention. Clearly each situation is different, so I will leave it to your judgment as to how this information is best used. I will say though I couldn’t imagine having just put Onie on drugs, with no hope.

We are now several years out of this, and my little guy has very few if any issues thanks to some wisdom from other mothers and the healing power God has placed in each of our bodies. I pray God will continue to give him health and give us as mothers wisdom and courage when it comes to how best to care for the body He has given us.

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