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My Top 3 Babywearing Devices

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Being a self-proclaimed half crunchy mama, I love wearing my babies and babywearing is a pretty big deal in the circles that I run.

Full on crunchy mamas will tell you that babywearing is an absolute must for the first three to twelve months your baby’s life. Some will even say there is another trimester after birth that you are to wear your child for its emotional well being. While I am not completely in their camp, I do see numerous benefits to baby wearing.

I’ve tried to cook, clean, and fold laundry all while wearing a baby and I have yet to get completely comfortable in doing so. Even so, I do love wearing my babies.

It’s convenient.

All of my babies were super content when I wore them. Especially, new babies, they have lived inside the womb for nine months feeling the warmth, hearing your heartbeat, and feeling your movements it’s no wonder a baby is more content riding around in that same position after birth.

I also love having the bonding time all the while able to get some things done around the house. Wearing babies also eliminates the need for strollers which can be burdensome depending on the situation.

So if you are thinking about the idea of being a baby wearing mama I wanted to give you a few of my favorite ways I have found to strap on a child.

My top three baby wearing devices include,

The Moby Wrap

While this one takes some practice to figure out how to tie it on your body, I do love it. I wore my daughter going through an airport completely hands-free. This wrap draws close to your body and feels very secure. It’s also versatile in that it can baby can be worn front facing out or in. The Moby grows with your child, and you can pretty much wear as big of a baby as your back can stand to carry them for any period.

Mei Tai

This wearing rig seems to be a favorite among a lot of my friends. Unlike the Moby, it is easily put on. If you wear your baby on the front, they are facing you. You can also wear baby on the back using the Mei Tai once they can support their head. The ability to switch comes in handy!

Unlike the Moby, I can do most all housework with a baby strapped to my back. The Mei Tei has come in handy on many days when a baby is having a particularly fussy or extra needy day. There isn’t a ton of padding in the Mei Tei, but it is pretty comfortable. It is also easy to fold up for traveling purposes.

I was able to cheat and make a DIY Mei Tai, which saved a lot of money.

Ring Sling

This device was one I had to grow to like as it was the most awkward out of the bunch that I have used. However, it is the easiest to put on, just throw it over your head and go. There is no tying involved which is a huge plus and like the others; this grows with your child.

Walking around the Capitol and White House with my three-year-old in my ring sling was a life saver. Being non-stroller friendly it made for a less hectic day.

Yes, my back was a tad bit sore but when you can’t have a stroller you do what you gotta do. My ring sling also has a zippered pocket that I could put my wallet and a diaper in so I only needed the ring sling, and I was set. The Ring Sling is great for quick in and out shopping trips too. I prefer the “snuggle hold” for infants and the “hip carry” once baby can support their head.

Some people have mastered the art of nursing a baby while their kids are laying in the sling, but I must admit that I can not do that. I have seen it done though so maybe if you are more crunchy than I, you can persevere.

Moms, any baby wearing device takes practice. It most likely will not feel comfortable the first few times you wear it, and even a bit odd, but you will get the hang of it.

It has been an invaluable tool in my mommy arsenal and most definitely has come in handy. Not to mention the closeness it has given me with each of my littles. Especially for those fussy infants that just want to be close to mama.

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