A Still Small Voice

Lessons Learned from Losing My Voice

Mom Whispering in Daughters Ear

The day before my son’s graduation I completely lost my voice. I couldn’t believe it. Considering I was supposed to speak at his graduation which made it all the worse. However as I looked to the Lord, it turned out to be quite the blessing. When you start surrendering and praying for growth the Lord can get pretty creative with his teaching methods.

Nervous and emotional at the prospect of speaking in front of a crowd of children and parents, the Lord was teaching me to rely solely on his strength to get through. In the end, I survived and people were able to hear me albeit with the aid of electronics.

Well, my voice didn’t magically get better. In fact, the next day I had a solid week of not being able to speak. I must have had more lessons to learn. Here is what the Lord taught me.

Choose Your Words Wisely

When you aren’t able to speak, you are forced to choose your words wisely. At one point my family asked me just to whisper because they couldn’t take listening to what my voice sounded like anymore. Point taken, family. As scripture says in Proverbs 10:19, When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent. It was a good reminder.

Raising My Voice

More than I realize, I speak at a sound level that is unnecessary. I have said before my house is a loud place. I blame this on my husband’s genes! Not only does my voice have to be loud in volume I tend to raise my voice in anger way to much. The Lord showed me that I have been using my voice improperly very frequently. It’s difficult to scream at your child when you have no voice. We are image bearers after all. Such a great responsibility.

A friend of mine was texting me during this time telling me that she decided that she was only going to whisper to her children for a whole week because she felt like her kids were exhibiting a lot of anger in their conversations with one another. I thought that was a wise thing to do. We joked that maybe the Lord was trying to teach me that and that I wasn’t listening so he just decided to take my voice. I believe that is entirely possible.

First-time Obedience

We have drifted in this area, but it is crucial to have first-time obedience. Most other behavioral issues can be thwarted just by having first-time obedience. Having no voice made me see how much I had been repeating myself which means my children are not listening to my voice and not obeying the first time.

Thankfully my voice returned to me after a long couple of days, but these lessons have been a good reminder. It always amazes me how God uses the little things in life to grab our attention and teach us His lessons. What a patient and loving Father.

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