Made in the Image Of

hand in hand parent and child

Have you ever walked in on your sweet innocent little preschooler saying some terrible phrase to their sibling or better yet their toys? And at that moment, you totally know that phrase has come out of your mouth on many an occasion.

When my daughter was about 3, I walked into her room, and she was yelling at her baby dolls calling them “freakin morons”. She had the situation correct; she was “driving” in her pretend car, and was having some road rage at the other “drivers.”

While It was hard not to laugh hearing those words come out of her mouth, it also saddened my heart. This particular toddler was the first one in our house, and as we have added additional little minions, we realize now that they pretty much pick up on everything.

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Lies the Enemy Tells Mothers

Removing the Tools From the Enemy's Toolbox

knight in armour

You aren’t good enough. You can’t succeed. You are a failure. Your butt does look fat in those jeans. In fact, you are ugly.

Do you hear these same voices in your head? How about this one?

“You are the only one in the world that struggles with “that.

“We wouldn’t want people to think that about you.”

These, my friends, are lies. Lies that the enemy tells us to convince us that we aren’t good enough, strong enough, or pretty enough.

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