Benefits of Wearing Your Baby

My Top 3 Babywearing Devices

Mom Wearing Child on Back

Being a self-proclaimed half crunchy mama, I love wearing my babies and babywearing is a pretty big deal in the circles that I run.

Full on crunchy mamas will tell you that babywearing is an absolute must for the first three to twelve months your baby’s life. Some will even say there is another trimester after birth that you are to wear your child for its emotional well being. While I am not completely in their camp, I do see numerous benefits to baby wearing.

I’ve tried to cook, clean, and fold laundry all while wearing a baby and I have yet to get completely comfortable in doing so. Even so, I do love wearing my babies.

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Benefits of Belly-Binding

Postpartum Must Haves

Pregnant Belly

One of my biggest struggles postpartum has been my belly. No, I’m not just talking about that stubborn belly fat that sticks around much longer than we would like. Just feeling like I have to hold myself together even to walk after I have a baby is difficult.

During my third pregnancy, I discovered belly binding, and I will tell you it has been an incredible addition to my mommy arsenal.

Belly-binding is applying compression around your abdomen after birth to help speed up the healing process. For centuries women in many different countries have practiced compression shortly after giving birth, and the benefits abound:

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