Shouldn’t This Just Work

6 Nursing Tips No One Every Told Me

Mother Breastfeeding a Child

Having now nursed six babies in my motherhood journey, I can tell you that it hasn’t always been easy. One would think that it would come completely natural, but unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Right off the bat let me say it can be painful at first. Usually, the reason for this is a bad latch especially if the pain continues past the first week or so.

Within the first week, you can get chapped and be in pain just because it’s all new, even if you are doing everything entirely correct. My favorite balm to help soothe chapped nipples is a product called Earth Mama Angel Baby Non GMO Natural Nipple Butter Nursing Cream. I know, I know that names of some of these things make me laugh, but if you are in enough pain to need it, you will not care what they call it.

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Preparing to Give Birth

Top 13 Birthing and Postpartum Supplies

Expecting Mother with Husband

Surprise mom-to-be, you’re pregnant! You have nine months to prepare for this precious event. So what are the must haves? Although every store, magazine and online resource are clamoring to load you up with all of the “essentials,” I tend to take a more simplified approach. So after six cycles of pregnancy and delivery, today I want to break down my list of prenatal and postpartum must haves as well as hacks that have become essential to my maternity journey.

There are so many “experts” on everything so don’t hear me saying that you must do these things. I offer them up solely as what I have discovered over a decade of child rearing. I want this to be a starting point for new or young mothers to begin building their list of birthing dos and don’ts.

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Benefits of Belly-Binding

Postpartum Must Haves

Pregnant Belly

One of my biggest struggles postpartum has been my belly. No, I’m not just talking about that stubborn belly fat that sticks around much longer than we would like. Just feeling like I have to hold myself together even to walk after I have a baby is difficult.

During my third pregnancy, I discovered belly binding, and I will tell you it has been an incredible addition to my mommy arsenal.

Belly-binding is applying compression around your abdomen after birth to help speed up the healing process. For centuries women in many different countries have practiced compression shortly after giving birth, and the benefits abound:

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