Help! I’m Losing Control

Importance of First-time Obedience

Child with Dirty Face

Mom, do you feel like you are losing control of your children? Are you constantly repeating yourself? Are you frustrated and overwhelmed?

Lately, I’ve been feeling like my home is a war zone. I feel like I’m walking onto a battlefield every morning. It’s thoroughly exhausting. In a parenting class many years ago our pastor told us “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.” Sadly, I’ve been finding myself doing more and more of that a lot lately.

When we find ourselves in this situation, we have two options. We can either take cover and pretend everything is alright or we can face the “enemy” head-on.

If you find you are constantly repeating yourself, out of routine, or wondering what your kids are doing with their time, you need to go back to the basics.

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Putting On Your Oxygen Mask First

The Need to Say No


Mom, are you busy and overwhelmed? Do you find yourself committing to too many things and not finding joy in the things that you do? Could it be that you are doing too much? Or could it be that you aren’t doing the right things to accomplish your goals?

Early in my mothering when I had two children and was in the transition of quitting my job and being a full-time stay at home mom, I was busy. We had things jam packed into every day keeping us too busy even to spend an evening at home.

I learned very quickly that this lifestyle wasn’t conducive to being a productive stay-at-home mom because I was never actually home. I wasn’t busy doing bad things I just wasn’t busy doing the right things.

In the last seven years, I have birthed five children. This season has looked much different than the previous. I quickly found out that for my children’s sanity as well as mine, it was best for me just to be at home caring for and schooling.

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In Honor of My Father

A Father's Day Tribute

Mother Father and Child in a Field

Recently our church has been in a series called “Living Out Loud” it’s centered around equipping the next generation to have the courage the stand, the confidence to speak up, and the heart to sacrifice. Because of their commitment to the truth of God’s word. As I sat and listened to the sermons, I became so grateful for the father that the Lord has given me.

My dad has been a shining example of this in my life. Although there have been many times in my life that I wasn’t so fond of this attribute, standing where I am today and looking back, I am truly grateful and blessed.

My dad has lived his life out loud for Jesus Christ. He most definitely has the courage to stand, and the confidence to speak and it’s all because of the power of Christ living through him.

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5 Vacation Lists

How theOppermom Packs Up the Tribe

Volkeswagon Bus On A Vacation

As summer is gearing up, I wanted to discuss a topic near and dear to the mother of a large family. Vacations.

Packing for a family of 9 is no easy task. I am not a super organized person to begin with, and it definitely doesn’t come naturally to me. Those around me namely my husband wishes that were not the case, but hey I have my own list for him. I am just kidding.

When we are getting ready for a trip, this is usually the prime opportunity for stress paralyzation to kick in.

If you missed my previous blog about dealing with Stress paralyzation I define it as When you are so overwhelmed with your current to-do list that you can only sit and scroll through your Facebook feed.

We have all been there when we have too many things to do, and we lack the ability just to focus on one and get that thing done. Packing does this for me! I procrastinate until the very last minute and then I’m crazy. I have learned the hard way more than I’d care to talk about that this is not a good plan.

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Graduating a Graduate

Launching the Proverbial Arrow

Bow and Arrow Quiver

My son is graduating high school this week, and I have mixed emotions. I am so proud of the man that he has become and excited to watch the next chapter of his life unfold. But deep down I miss my little boy. I can’t believe that we are here already.

It seems only yesterday we were struggling over 5th-grade math problems. I can remember many days that I thought we weren’t going to make it through. From the many things I have learned in our first go around of homeschool here are just a few.

I didn’t always make the right choices. However, that one year that we gave up on math instead of sacrificing our relationship was a great decision. The Lord filled in the gaps that next year and can you believe he was reading math textbooks for leisure. Not to say giving up is always the answer, but not sacrificing your relationship is.

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Being a Shopping Survivalist

How to Get Groceries with a Gaggle of Littles

citrus produce in crates shopping

I survived! I made it! I went shopping with five kids under the age of six. And I am proud to report not a single breakdown! This accomplishment is huge.

I made four different stop and managed to get all of my groceries for the week. Yeah, I can barely believe it myself.

If you are a mama of littles, you know the relief after a successful shopping trip. You also know the look of an unsuccessful excursion. The whining, the crying, the begging, the throwing, the random things in the cart at checkout. Sometimes it keeps me awake at night.

But this week I made it.

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Learning to Homeschool

10 Lessons I Have Learned As a Homeschooling Mother

child coloring with crayons

I have been homeschooling for what seems like forever. It is hard to believe it has only been ten years. And it is even harder to believe I have close to twenty more to go.

Its been a sanctifying process for me as well as my children. The Lord has been gracious and continues to grant us grace to get through each and every day, month, and year. He has given me so many lessons in this journey so far and today I want to share those with you.

These lessons have not come easy. They have come through very hard days, but the Lord is faithful to continue molding us to be more like Him. Praise the Lord! In this post, I want to highlight my top 10 lessons for you mom. I want you to be encouraged whether you are just starting out or need a reminder of the lessons the Lord has taught you.

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Super? Mom

Hitting the Mommy Wall

woman drowning underwater

Today was one of those days. I felt the weight of all of my tasks falling down on me. I had cleaned and organized for days, only to look around and have nothing to show for it.

I worked hard.

I’m tired of working hard for what seems has no reward.

I’m tired.

My children weren’t particularly bad, but it just felt like every single one needed me at that exact moment. About ready to burst, I found myself breathless. I was feeling physical symptoms.

Doing what any Supermom would do I carried on trying to be strong. Eventually finding myself in a quiet room nursing my precious baby asking myself, “What am I doing?” Why in the world did I have all of these kids? Why did I choose this life?

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Made in the Image Of

hand in hand parent and child

Have you ever walked in on your sweet innocent little preschooler saying some terrible phrase to their sibling or better yet their toys? And at that moment, you totally know that phrase has come out of your mouth on many an occasion.

When my daughter was about 3, I walked into her room, and she was yelling at her baby dolls calling them “freakin morons”. She had the situation correct; she was “driving” in her pretend car, and was having some road rage at the other “drivers.”

While It was hard not to laugh hearing those words come out of her mouth, it also saddened my heart. This particular toddler was the first one in our house, and as we have added additional little minions, we realize now that they pretty much pick up on everything.

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Being Present in the Moment

Taking the Time to Build Memories

precious moments and memories little feet

Today my little two-year-old, who is still a bit of a mute, gave me the cutest little motion. A gesture that said, “come here mommy, sit down right beside me and put on Praise Baby so we can snuggle.” How in the world could I say no to that?

To be honest; there was a part of me that did say no. Because let’s be honest, mom, a two-year-old held captive watching a screen is a perfect time for me to get things done right? But at what cost?

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