Help, I’m a Distracted and Overwhelmed Mom

Prioritizing to a More Invested Life

Closet Full of Books

My best friend can clean a surface faster than anyone I know. I, on the other hand, get stress paralyzed by the smallest of crumbs. Eventually, I get it done, but organization and task management are far from my natural skill set.

Watching her, with hopes that I could learn from her magical skills, I noticed that she never leaves an area until she has completed it. She’ll make piles of things that go elsewhere, but she is completely present while she is doing the job.

I have learned this same lesson, the hard way, applies to with other areas including homeschooling. We as the mom/teacher have to multitask to some degree. If we don’t few things would ever get accomplished, but I do believe there are unnecessary distractions that if we would just be all in where ever we are that we could get to the other jobs and do them well.

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How to Deal with Stress-Paralyzation

Tips for the Overstressed & Overwhelmed Mama

Person Working at Desk on Tasks

Stress-Paralyzation (n) – When you are so overwhelmed with your current to-do list that you can only sit and scroll through your Facebook feed.

Ok, maybe that’s not an official definition, but it should be.

We have all been there completely overwhelmed by the many tasks set before us that we don’t know where to start, and so we go to what’s comfortable and a lot of times not productive at all. It’s like being in that dream where you are trying to run away or get out of the burning house, and you can’t even move to help save your life.

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