Help! I’m Losing Control

Importance of First-time Obedience

Child with Dirty Face

Mom, do you feel like you are losing control of your children? Are you constantly repeating yourself? Are you frustrated and overwhelmed?

Lately, I’ve been feeling like my home is a war zone. I feel like I’m walking onto a battlefield every morning. It’s thoroughly exhausting. In a parenting class many years ago our pastor told us “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.” Sadly, I’ve been finding myself doing more and more of that a lot lately.

When we find ourselves in this situation, we have two options. We can either take cover and pretend everything is alright or we can face the “enemy” head-on.

If you find you are constantly repeating yourself, out of routine, or wondering what your kids are doing with their time, you need to go back to the basics.

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Salt and Light

A Reminder of Why We Are Here

Cross with Sun Background

I live in a bubble. I have intentionally surrounded myself with like-minded friends. While my kids are “socialized”, we do get out of the house and interact with the world, our close friends are either a part of our church or our homeschool co-op. I’m definitely not saying this is a bad thing. We, as Christians, are called to be in community with other believers so I would say that it’s necessary.

Recently, however, my son started playing football in a community league. It has been an eye-opening experience. Apparently, I have become too comfortable in my shell of friends. All of us tend to parent, live, and act similarly because our primary goal is to honor Christ. This athletic endeavor has reminded me that not all people have that same mindset.

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Inspecting What You Expect

How to Raise Productive Kids

Kid Doing Dishes in the Sink

If you want a job done right, you should do it yourself. I’m sure you’ve heard that saying but does this have to be true? I often find myself trying to do every job in my house. singlehandedly. Unfortunately, I am completely outnumbered. Nine people live in my house, and I’m just one person fighting against all of them quite frequently.

It is imperative for our children to learn to help. However, I find myself getting frustrated because they aren’t doing things exactly how I would. Even worse, I catch them shirking a responsibility that they know exactly how to do. It’s a job in and of itself just to inspect what they are doing.

One day their bosses, spouses, children, even they will thank you if you teach them while they are young how to work hard and do a job well.

Today, I want to share some of my favorite tips on how I get my troops assembled to do a job to the best of their ability.

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