theOppermom S216: Navigating Young Love with Megan Schwartz

theOppermom Show S2:16 Navigating Young Love with Megan Schwartz

In a world of overcharged, under matured teenage angst, teenagers have a very small margin for success when it comes to relationships. If you have or are on your way to having a teenager who can’t wait to “date” then you need to tune into this episode.

As two parents who had a lot to figure out when it came to allowing our young ones to start a relationship. Megan and I talk about what our journey looked like when our “children” came desiring to date.

Today’s Topics

  • We look at how do you know when your child is ready, what does the “right” age look like.
  • To marry or not to marry, that is the question.
  • How to talk to them about the dreaded S-word and setting appropriate boundaries.

Moms preparing for marriage is just another step in this journey called life which can already be hard enough. Use this as well as all those other milestones as opportunities to speak wisdom into your child’s life.

Just as with all of them there is great opportunity to build friendships that will last a lifetime!

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