theOppermom S215: Healing Hearts with Camille Cates

theOppermom Show S2:15 Healing Hearts with Camille Cates

Today we get to hear from a friend and inspiration of mine, Camille Cates. I was first introduced to Camille’s story several years ago at a woman’s conference where she spoke on the topic of abortion.

In this current cultural and political climate there are few topics as volatile as this, but Camille’s spirit and personal testimony are a shining example of the love and grace of God in the midst of a messy life.

At a young age, Camille was self-proclaimed, “boy crazy.” And even though she had a foundation in the gospel, this led to several poor decisions in her teenage years, which ultimately took her to the place of getting an abortion.

Camille now works with a ministry to help counsel woman by taking them to the Scriptures as their source of truth and guidance.

Teaching them to see that belief in Christ is not about your knowledge it is about the relationship with a Father who is ever willing to forgive and grant restoration.

Please join me as we hear from Camille and gain some wisdom so we may mother our daughters well while they are still under our roofs.

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