theOppermom S214: Beginning and Ending Your Days Well

theOppermom Show S2:14 Beginning and Ending Your Days Well

Let’s face it not every day can be a beautiful day, even if we do all of the right things.

Mom’s each day is a gift, but it is not always easy to keep in perspective. We all get up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes, we all snap in the middle of the day, we all waste those precious final moments of the day vegging out in front of the TV.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We need to remind ourselves daily of the blessings that even the bad days can be. We need to carve out that time in the morning to set our minds and hearts on Jesus.

We need to reflect at the end of the day on whether or not our actions of the day our forwarding our walk in Christ or detracting from it.

So listen in today mom and be encouraged. Be encouraged that when you don’t have it all together, that there is hope. There is hope if you are willing to walk in the calling to which Christ has called you.

You will find grace in your times of need.

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2 thoughts on “theOppermom S214: Beginning and Ending Your Days Well

  1. You are my absolutely favorite podcast! I never miss you, and since discovering you months ago I have gone back and listened to all of your episodes! I enjoy you both so much. *Thank you* for taking the time to humbly put yourselves out there in order to bless strangers.

    I have a question that might make a good topic: How do you handle your children’s desires to get baptized? Do you have set prerequisites they must fulfill? A predetermined minimum age they must be? I was baptized, at my own insistence, at age 10. I now feel like I was probably not spiritually mature enough. SO, I’m curious how you (have/will) handle it.

    • Thank you so much for you kind words and encouragement! It has been a blessing thus far to share a little part of me with the world to hopefully encourage other moms.

      That is a great question and idea for a show. Look for that on a future episode for sure! I’m always looking for relevant topics so I appreciate your feedback.