theOppermom S211: Finding Love in the Midst of Sorrow—The Story of the Dukes

theOppermom Show S2:11 Finding Love in the Midst of Sorrow the Story of the Dukes

When I decided to spend this season bringing to you stories of hope and encouragement few stuck in my mind the way Hannah Dukes’ story had.

For every little girl who dreamed of one day walking the aisle to stand beside her prince charming this story is God’s answer to that dream in Hannah’s life.

At the same time, it is a reminder that it isn’t about the end of the story it is about the journey that it takes to get there and how God is more interested in changing and shaping us as we go, not delivering us to the alter.

Please join me and be touched by a woman who waited on the Lord, albeit not always patiently, and as our God always does, proved Himself faithful.

If you would like to read the whole story as cataloged by Hannah you can do so at her WordPress blog Hopeful.Thankful.Blessed.

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One thought on “theOppermom S211: Finding Love in the Midst of Sorrow—The Story of the Dukes

  1. I love Hannah so much, she has been my friend since birth. I am thrilled that she was given this platform and opportunity to share her story. She is a beautiful soul who has a powerful story of God great plan and how He honors faithfulness in the waiting. Admire her grace and strength so very much!