theOppermom S210: Pastor’s Kid Meets Ex-Convict—A Love Story

theOppermom Show S2:10 theOppermom Show S2:09 Pastor's Kid Meets Ex-Convict A Love Story

This week on theOppermom show we get to hear the rest of the story. Once again theOppermanian joins us to help me tell my story about how the Lord used the seeds that my father had sown, in James, to bring me to salvation in Christ.

My husband and I talk about how the Lord used an ex-con to convert this honorary pastor’s kid. But the story doesn’t end there. Sadly, just as the Jews of old often forgot the Lord’s face, we talk about how even after a miraculous meeting and conversion sin reared its ugly head. And how this fairy tale had anything but a happily ever after.

Thankfully though the sin that wreaked much havoc and heartache on our families, was not the end of the tale and God in his great mercy proved Himself faithful to convict and restore all that we had destroyed.

Listen and be encouraged that the Lord writes our stories and He uses unlikely people to speak truth into the darkness. He takes the broken and makes it beautiful.

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