theOppermom 017: Taming the Tech Beast of Summer

theOppermom Show 017: Taming the Tech Beast of Summer

Summer is here, and the bickering and boredom have also arrived among the natives. Today theOppermom is talking about how she tames the screen time in her home, takes advantage of less structure to teach responsibility, and how she infuses fun into their days to keep things fresh.

theOppermom breaks down her five thirty minute segments of time that her children need to do before getting recreation or screen time.

  • 30 minutes of playing with a sibling
  • 30 minutes of reading
  • 30 minutes of learning
  • 30 minutes of creative or building play
  • 30 minutes of helping mom
R & R Reminder CTADownload the Responsibility Before Recreation Reminders

After learning new skills and responsibility now comes the fun. theOppermom has decided to enact some themed days this summer and infuse into their routine of summer something that looks a little like this.

  • Mondays—Decluttering and Purging
  • Tuesday—Playdates/Swim Days
  • Wednesday—Picnic Park Hopping
  • Thursdays—Membership/Library Days
  • Fridays—Serve Days

She concludes with a final encouragement about keeping perspective and using the 18 summers that you have to build lasting memories with your tribe.

Enjoy the Summer moms!

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