theOppermom 016: The Story of Gomer an Interview with Geri Campbell

theOppermom Show 016: The Story of Gomer an Interview with Geri Campbell

Today I am visited by a dear friend Geri Campbell. She is the founder of Back to His Heart Ministry (formerly known as in-step ministries), she’s an actor, author, speaker, recently became a medical assistant, but most importantly she is a wife to her husband Rich, and mom to her two kids Mercy and Christopher.

We discuss her past and how the Lord has given her this unique ministry of playing the Biblical character of Gomer on the stage all around the country and world.

Be sure to check out Geri at Back to His Heart where you can obtain a copy of this powerful book as well as book Geri to perform this one of a kind look into Biblical history in only the way she can bring her to life.

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