theOppermom 011: Being the Best You, Health and Fitness for Moms

theOppermom show 011: Being the Best You: Fitness and Health for Moms

Have you ever sat on the plane and listened to the spiel? You know the one, “Before you help the passenger next to you be sure to secure your oxygen mask.” Well, you mom are the one who needs to take care of you, and this starts with being healthy for the sake of those you care for.

Are are you struggling with those few extra “baby” pounds? Is it getting tougher to chase after that busy toddler? Do you find those clothes getting ever so snug? You are not alone.

theOppermom after having her sixth child found all of these to be true. It was after a loving push from her husband that she decided to do something about it. And this week’s episode is all about that journey.

She discusses how she finally was able to conquer the food addiction, as well as three practical things you momma can start doing today to start on your journey of health success.

  • Get outside and get moving
  • Drink lots and lots of water
  • Food is fuel, not friend

We hope this episode is encouraging and uplifting for anyone who struggles with food and health.

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